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It's that true

asslamualaikum and selamat sejahtera... First of all aq tahu english aq broken so ko faham2 jer la kan bile bace.. Jarang guna bi nie, kalo gune pun bila saat yg tengah sedih or pape jer la yang wat aq runsing..

what means that it's that true? I can't believe that almost people said that "ha ko org IT memang tak de sangat perasaan dekat perempuan, asyik dengan ko punye gadjet and laptop jer.. Ko nyer laptop tu la bini, awek ko kan.." Ha?? It's that true what people around said??

This is my opinion la kan, like me i accept what the people around said about that... It's that true because laptop or hp cannot make our feeling hurt and broken our heart but maybe sometime only when it minor problem with it.. but when in people it always make our feeling like broken and others.. This i want to said that when someone people LOVE in IT then have someone that take their heart means the girl taking it.. They will love u and caring for u more than their gadjet and laptop.. It's that true.. but when u make their hurt broken or anything it will difficult to remove you but if their have software it will easy to remove it then when need it back it can find it and install it again.. But that girl?? That man will difficult to remove u in their life and difficult to find another one that can replace u.. How u can said that our can find another to replace it???
Let u think it...

This i heard from my friend punye friend hope that readers understand, When u said u stalker ur ex u know what our feeling that time?? It same like when u know that we contact our past... It's rotate back to ourselves what r we doing actually.. So it seem like we are same but can it back to zero-zero like nothing happen and can we make start it again and give the last chance for us to repair that both mistake?? I think when u give us the second chance it will never repeat it again and this time it will care for u.. this is my truthly said from heart.. What if that girl said "aq dah penat r bg dia peluang2 bnyk kali tp nnti dia buat balik semula, suh la dia cari org lain", that girl should believe that man when the man said it never do it again and u should give them the last chance to them to approve that it will never do it again.. =)

What u want know about me??
Here  i will describe about myself...

  • I like to help others people when they needed that should u know and u don't get easy jelez about it if i help another girl infront of u or back of u... but i will tell u if i have help people  especially girl to make sure that u not misunderstanding with me.. I love social society.. 
  • i don't like any secret people keep behind me, and when i know it myself and that secret it not good to know i will get angry.. better u tell me before i know it from others people..
  • I will talk to the straight forward no kiasan2 berbunga2 nie.. i know that i'm not good in ayt bunga2 nie... why must we know that word??? We should be ourselves just give the word that u know it..
  • I know i'm not romantic guy but u will find it when u know me better how far i romantic person... hahaha.. maybe my word too kasar kan.. and ayt pakai lepas jer kan, but inside the heart u know it?? sy x pandai berkata2 guna ayat manis2 nie.. wat per nak guna ayat manis untuk memikat seorg wanita?? nnti dia akan jatuh ati dengan ayat2 kita tu jer kan.. that i'm right?? so i like to be myself.. If i like u i will tell straight  forward that i like u... when i say it that i really means it... don't ever2 think that betul ker mamat nier r?
  • i will accept that people i love as what they have.. just be yourselves yer..
  • This is important that u should know, if u want to know something about me just ask me and i will tell u honestly.. xperlu nk tanyer dkt org.. why?? because i'm not trust anyone in this world.. why i said that? because everyone what to make their success, senang citer nk selamatkan diri die jer.. lantak ko la, hal ko hal ko, hal aq hal aq..

that is a about my self so.. u know it a little right??

thank you..

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