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The Power Of Napping

Im Sleepy
Assalamualaikum and Good Evening,

I Would like to share a topic for today about The Power of Napping.

What is naps ? Naps is sleeping during the day that between 1.00pm - 4.00pm that was taking about 10-30 minute of sleep.

For me the ideal for take a nap is before taking a lunch which time 12.30pm - 1.00pm it according to GMT +8. During this time it a good time for taking a rest for a while after done doing hardwork on using brain.

What is benefit of taking a naps?
  1.     Can boost our brain
  2.     Can improve in problem solving
  3.     Can improve our mood and feeling
  4.     It also can improve our ability to learn in the working place

So why not you should try make a nap as a your routine daily task, take a 20minutes a nice sleep during the day and you will boost up your brain and give more energetic to your body. That is the power of napping that you would get if you have nice nap during the day.

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  1. Takot tak nyempat 20min. sambung lg :)

    Jemput join mini GA mek ye :)

    1. hahhaa.. kena la set minda tido kejap dalam 20 minit.. dapatkan tido yang mantap untuk 20 minit cuba try buat nanti rasa kelebihannya..

  2. Memang tido sekejap banyak kelebihan dia terutama kalau sebelum zohor. In sha allah boleh bagi tenaga untuk bangun tengah malam :)

    1. yup betul tu sebelum zuhur paling bagus..

  3. selalu dengar pasal tido sebelum zohor ni. dalam islam ada sebutan dia.. haa xingat pulak...


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